The Safe Communities is a concept that begins on establishing the community safety culture. By utilizing the connections among different organizations, their respective resources and services, we will provide the local residents with a comfortable and safe working and living environment.
To be a recognized Safe Community, we have to fulfil the criteria:
(1) Establish an infrastructure based on partnership and collaborations, governed by a cross- sector group that is responsible for safety
     promotion in their community;
(2) Develop long-term and sustainable programs covering genders and all ages, environments, and situations;
(3) Focus on the safety issue of high-risk groups and environments, and the disadvantaged ;
(4) Document the frequency and causes of injuries;
(5) Set up a standard and assess the results of their programs;
(6) Actively participate in local and international Safe Community exchange events.
International Security Community Agreement
International Security Community
Professor Leif Svanström